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Cid Highwind

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Holy crap! [03 Mar 2006|05:54am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Well, I did it. The paperwork's in the system. Insert comment about Midgar bureaucra.

I should be rantin' up a storm, ragin' at myself fer jumpin' back inta the mess I thought I was out of. But my heart just ain't in the gripin'. Not when I gotta report t'the office first thing in the mornin' tomorrow, an' then get ready for dinner t'morrow night after Trainin'.

Good news is, Basic should be a snap this time 'round. Maybe Firebug'll let me borrow his glov I gotta keep busy, though, or else I'm gonna start beatin' myself up about this. I chose t'come back, an' now I gotta make m'self as useful as I can. Wonder if the staff has any odd jobs open fer a re-enlister lookin' fer brownie points. Maybe I can ask tomorrow, before I pick up my dinner date guest.

Hopin' t'get word from Shera t'morrow. My buddies an' babies better be OK back in Rocket Town.

...Aah, what'm I sayin? It's f%&$in' Rocket Town. Nothin' ever happens there.

Damn...I got a lotta processin' t'do.

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The Boys're Back in Town! [13 Feb 2006|12:23pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Day 2

Finally, I'm back on the f$#@in' GROUND!

You got no idea how much gas I wasted on that damn holding pattern waiting for Cook t'finish gettin' his...nevermind. Let's just say he was sleepin' on the job.

Lucky I filled up Excalibur's tank enough fer two round trips, 'stead o' just the one. Props t'Scotty fer the new fuel equation he put t'gether. Though I'm damned if I can read it...never was one fer math. Hell, I let Shera do all the calculatin' whenever I'm tinkerin' with my babies; I like workin' with my hands, not my brain.

So what the hell am I doing back in Central Midgar? I know I need t'get in touch with Stubble-face an' the Firebug...I wanna help with the disappearances, but I can't do that as a civvie. Only military have access t'the castle's official libraries.

Aw, hell. That means I gotta re-enlist. $#|+!! I hated bein' an order-whore of SOLDIER's then, an' it ain't any better now. Knowin' my luck, it'll be a f#@%in' miracle if I get back into Third Class, much less my old rank o'Second. Maybe if I take on a side job...volunteer as a mechanic fer the State's vehicles, or quartermaster fer the rookies...

F#@%. My damn scar's acting up again. Wish I could see a doctor about it, but one look an' they'd know where it came from. Oh well, first aid it is.

I want a smoke so f#%@in' bad right now.

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FINALLY, time t'start flyin'! [25 Jan 2006|01:16pm]
Excalibur's prepped for launch. Thanks t'Shera an' the boys, I'm all ready t'go!

I know exactly where I'm gonna take 'er, too. Word's hit me about the bad mojo goin' on in Midgar...SOLDIERs disappearing, an' the like...an' I ain't been back t'see Stubble-face or Colonel Firebug in too damn long. I wonder if Mustang still looks as hot in uniform as he did back then... Plus, I wanna get a gander at this General Sephiroth feller who's shot up in the ranks so damn fast.

Shera an' the boys can take care of things here. They really wanted ta go with me, especially O'Brien, but I can't just pull 'em away from their families like that. LaForge is courtin' a local gal, O'Brien's got a wife an' kids, an' Scotty's...well, Scotty, an' I'd feel better if he did it here, 'stead o'taggin' along with me all the time.

The disappearances're gettin' awful close t'home. I'm takin' off, an' it's now or never.

See ya, numskulls!
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IIIiiiiii been workin' on the Aaaaiiiirship... [19 Jan 2006|02:10pm]
Day 1

Shera and the boys've got the experimental airship all set up and lookin' great. All I need t'do is start work on the paint job an' give 'er a name. Shera wants me t'call it "Highwind," but I ain't too keen on havin' a ship named after me till after I become famous. Naw, I'm callin' her "Excalibur" fer now. Got a nice ring, an' she looks kinda like a sword from the top.

In commemoration of the finishin' of the prototype airship, LaForge gave me this fancy journal, with a lock an' everything. I promised him I'd put it to good use, an' I hope I'm right.
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