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Holy crap!

Well, I did it. The paperwork's in the system. Insert comment about Midgar bureaucra.

I should be rantin' up a storm, ragin' at myself fer jumpin' back inta the mess I thought I was out of. But my heart just ain't in the gripin'. Not when I gotta report t'the office first thing in the mornin' tomorrow, an' then get ready for dinner t'morrow night after Trainin'.

Good news is, Basic should be a snap this time 'round. Maybe Firebug'll let me borrow his glov I gotta keep busy, though, or else I'm gonna start beatin' myself up about this. I chose t'come back, an' now I gotta make m'self as useful as I can. Wonder if the staff has any odd jobs open fer a re-enlister lookin' fer brownie points. Maybe I can ask tomorrow, before I pick up my dinner date guest.

Hopin' t'get word from Shera t'morrow. My buddies an' babies better be OK back in Rocket Town.

...Aah, what'm I sayin? It's f%&$in' Rocket Town. Nothin' ever happens there.

Damn...I got a lotta processin' t'do.
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