Cid Highwind (dragoonpilotcid) wrote,
Cid Highwind

IIIiiiiii been workin' on the Aaaaiiiirship...

Day 1

Shera and the boys've got the experimental airship all set up and lookin' great. All I need t'do is start work on the paint job an' give 'er a name. Shera wants me t'call it "Highwind," but I ain't too keen on havin' a ship named after me till after I become famous. Naw, I'm callin' her "Excalibur" fer now. Got a nice ring, an' she looks kinda like a sword from the top.

In commemoration of the finishin' of the prototype airship, LaForge gave me this fancy journal, with a lock an' everything. I promised him I'd put it to good use, an' I hope I'm right.
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