Cid Highwind (dragoonpilotcid) wrote,
Cid Highwind

FINALLY, time t'start flyin'!

Excalibur's prepped for launch. Thanks t'Shera an' the boys, I'm all ready t'go!

I know exactly where I'm gonna take 'er, too. Word's hit me about the bad mojo goin' on in Midgar...SOLDIERs disappearing, an' the' I ain't been back t'see Stubble-face or Colonel Firebug in too damn long. I wonder if Mustang still looks as hot in uniform as he did back then... Plus, I wanna get a gander at this General Sephiroth feller who's shot up in the ranks so damn fast.

Shera an' the boys can take care of things here. They really wanted ta go with me, especially O'Brien, but I can't just pull 'em away from their families like that. LaForge is courtin' a local gal, O'Brien's got a wife an' kids, an' Scotty's...well, Scotty, an' I'd feel better if he did it here, 'stead o'taggin' along with me all the time.

The disappearances're gettin' awful close t'home. I'm takin' off, an' it's now or never.

See ya, numskulls!
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