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Rantings of a Spear-wieldin' Pilot

Cid Highwind
22 February
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I'm Cid Highwind, a pilot/mechanic, and I've got a big f%^$ing spear.

I live in Rocket Town (real #@^&% imaginative, huh? Yeah, yeah, shut up). I usedta work fer King Ansem as a member o'SOLDIER (Second $#%@in' Class, baby!) 'til I ran foul of a Summon monster in Wutai and resigned. Now I'm workin' on breakin' free o' the military an' buildin' a life of my own...an' as f#$@in' great an airship as I can.

My mechanic crew kicks ass! Shera, LaForge, O'Brien, Biggs, Wedge, Scotty, this is fer you.

That's pretty much it for now. Later, numbskulls!

(NOTE: Cid is an RP character for the community hollow_glory. To contact his RPer, e-mail Ingonyama70@yahoo.com)