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The Boys're Back in Town!

Day 2

Finally, I'm back on the f$#@in' GROUND!

You got no idea how much gas I wasted on that damn holding pattern waiting for Cook t'finish gettin' his...nevermind. Let's just say he was sleepin' on the job.

Lucky I filled up Excalibur's tank enough fer two round trips, 'stead o' just the one. Props t'Scotty fer the new fuel equation he put t'gether. Though I'm damned if I can read it...never was one fer math. Hell, I let Shera do all the calculatin' whenever I'm tinkerin' with my babies; I like workin' with my hands, not my brain.

So what the hell am I doing back in Central Midgar? I know I need t'get in touch with Stubble-face an' the Firebug...I wanna help with the disappearances, but I can't do that as a civvie. Only military have access t'the castle's official libraries.

Aw, hell. That means I gotta re-enlist. $#|+!! I hated bein' an order-whore of SOLDIER's then, an' it ain't any better now. Knowin' my luck, it'll be a f#@%in' miracle if I get back into Third Class, much less my old rank o'Second. Maybe if I take on a side job...volunteer as a mechanic fer the State's vehicles, or quartermaster fer the rookies...

F#@%. My damn scar's acting up again. Wish I could see a doctor about it, but one look an' they'd know where it came from. Oh well, first aid it is.

I want a smoke so f#%@in' bad right now.
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